Date: October 15, 2021

By: Attorney Jean Butler

How to Change Your Name After a Divorce

To begin, a divorce is most usually not the happiest of times and can be a costly act. In addition, after a divorce, some individuals may want to change their names. This article breaks down how you would change your name after a divorce.

Divorce Judgment

Firstly, this is the document that finalizes your divorce, which only the judge signs. Illinois law requires that the judgment includes a provision allowing for the spouse, usually the woman, to resume her maiden name. Prior to this new law, it was expensive and time consuming for a spouse to resume a maiden name. Furthermore, you need the document to be certified in order for it to be valid. Therefore, to do so, you can contact the circuit clerk where you filed for your divorce, there is usually a fee associated with this.

Filing for Name Change

Next, if you fail to ask for your name to be changed in your divorce judgment, there are other options. That being said, we suggest that you mention this in your divorce judgement, you can still file for a name change. Furthermore, filing for your name to be changed is an easy process. Lastly, you will not have to have the change published in the papers.

Child’s Name

Above all, divorcing parents should be aware of how it may affect their children. “A child’s name cannot be changed through a divorce case. To change the child’s name, it is required to file a name change request separate from the divorce case. If you want to change the name of several people in your family, contact the local circuit clerk. You might be able to file the separate requests into a single case.”

Family Law Attorney Help

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