Social Security Disability Insurance

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What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

Firstly, social security disability is a type of insurance program. In other words, SSDI consists of payments to a disabled worker. In almost all cases a person will pay into social security when they are working. Likewise, your employer will match your payments. On your check you will see a deduction from FICA. FICA stands for the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. Payments are not just limited to the person injured. Under certain circumstances, family members may also be entitled to money. In short, there are many individuals who face some sort of disability every day. Roughly 70% of disability cases are thrown out. Therefore, it is important for people to know if they qualify.

How to Apply for Social Security Disability Insurance

Above all as soon as you identify a disability you should apply. There is a five-month waiting period for individuals to receive benefits. To clarify, an individual should expect benefits six months after the date of the decided disability. You may apply online at which is the Social Security Administration’s website. To contact them by phone dial 1800-772-1213, they are open from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. 

How to Qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance

Knowing how you qualify, what you qualify for, and where to find information regarding SSDI is very important. Most importantly, you will need to have an insured status. This indicates that you have worked for a long enough time and recent enough to qualify. 

Social Security Disability Insurance Family Eligibility

Under certain circumstances family members may be eligible to social security disability insurance. For instance, if the worker who was disabled, spouse is caring for a child under the age of 16 or the child is disabled, you may be entitled to money. Likewise, a spouse over the age of 62, may be entitled to money as well. In addition to spouses, the children involved may also be eligible for benefits. For example, if the workers child is 18, and was disabled before the age of 22, benefits will be available. In addition, if the child is still in school, money may be made available, up to the age of 19.

Why Claims are Denied?

Medical Proof

In order for social security disability to be awarded, medical evidence for the disability is warranted.  If the individual involved fails to follow proper treatment, there claim could be invalid. Lastly, if your disability stemmed from work, documents of proof are needed. Failure to supply sufficient medical evidence could lead to a failed claim. 

Substantial Gainful Activity

First, substantial gainful activity, simply means work. Social security disability insurance is awarded to individuals that can no longer work due to disability. In other words, a person who can no longer perform substantial gainful activity may be entitled to SSDI. 

Paperwork Errors

To clarify, paperwork and application errors are the leading cause for unsuccessful claims. It is your obligation to make sure that all the required information is up to date and accurate. In addition, individuals must provide the proper wording in their claims, failure to do so could result in an unsuccessful claim. Lastly, the Social Security Administration will likely ask you to support your claim with clear evidence. In short, a lack of documentation proving your claim could lead to it being thrown out.

Criminal Convictions

Firstly, individuals should know that the use of drugs or alcohol can have their claim denied. Likewise, any criminal past could also lead to a failed claim. However, if an individual does use drugs or alcohol, benefits may still be awarded. In the same vein though, if the use of drugs or alcohol add to your disability, your claim will be denied.

Personal Injury Lawyer Help

The process of attaining social security disability can be a stressful process. Our experienced and professional personal injury lawyers can help guide you through the process.