Firm Overview

What makes Prime Law Group different is that we focus on “the solutions” for our clients

The Law Firm Prime Law Group, LLC

Prime Law Group, LLC (“PLG”) are McHenry County Lawyers that understands that the practice of law is never stagnant. In order to provide the legal services clients want, the firm is dedicated to remaining adaptable to the changes of the future, the growing needs of our clients, and the ability to build a culture of innovation. Prime Law Group prides themselves on their long standing tradition in the community, and good old fashion relationship building.

What makes Prime Law Group different is that we focus on “the solutions” for our clients and we provide an organizational culture that emphasizes values. We know that benefits, values and results are important!

Our History

Prime Law Group was organized in 2012, but the firm’s roots run deep in McHenry County. Being fourth generation McHenry County Families and a second generation McHenry County Law Firm, Prime Law Group has had the unique experience and benefit of seeing a lot of growth and change in McHenry County, Illinois.

Attorney James G. Militello III  brings with him over 30 years of legal experience and business & technology development. Mr. Militello grew up in Crystal Lake and in 1991 started his legal career with the McHenry County State’s Attorney.  In 1993 he joined his father’s firm Militello, Zanck & Coen, P.C. . Having been a partner with his old firm for over 14 years, and with his experience in business, Mr. Militello has developed the unique skills needed for running, and growing a law firm business in today’s quickly changing environment.

Attorney Jeremy W. Shaw began his legal career with Militello, Zanck & Coen, P.C. in 2000 and then started his own law firm Law Works, P.C. prior to joining Prime Law Group. Mr. Shaw grew up in Woodstock, and also comes from a family with a long history in McHenry County. Mr. Shaw brings energy, determination and innovation into the firm.

Our Approach

We pride ourselves in being problem solvers. Our firm recognizes that efficiency, advocacy and diplomacy are key elements to successful resolution in any matter, from complex business transactions to commercial/consumer disputes, to real estate, estate planning, and personal injury solutions. We provide clients constant access to our team of attorneys and staff, and we make it a priority to keep clients informed throughout the pendency of each and every matter we handle. Regardless of the challenges, our team stands ready for our clients.

It is out of this vision and strategy that we developed our Mission and we are committed to our Core Values.  

Mission & Core Values

The mission of Prime Law Group is to take a genuine interest in our clients, understand their objectives, provide a network of innovative legal solutions and exceed their expectations. We dedicate ourselves to our 5 ADEPT core values: Attitude, Dedication, Experience, Professionalism and Teamwork. Through our ADEPT core values we offer a commitment to our clients, our firm and our community.

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In 2012,  Prime Law Group identified their 5 Core Values (ADEPT), and those values are still the foundation and the center of our business model.  Our culture and core values are which guides the firm, not just for today, but for tomorrow. 

  • Attitude – It Makes A Difference In What You Do
  • Dedication – We Never Give Up
  • Excellence – We Are Committed
  • Professionalism – In All That We Do
  • Teamwork – Working Together Throughout The Process

Our Team

Prime Law Group, LLC is truly a team of lawyers and staff. Our collaborative approach often takes the form of cooperation to share past experiences and develop creative approaches to new issues. This team approach has the additional advantage that if a new issue suddenly arises or an existing project becomes a top client priority, we can quickly assign additional lawyers who will already have the background necessary to tackle the problem at full speed.

We believe the best results come from working closely with our clients. We start by learning about their business, their goals, and the issues at hand. We work together to identify short and long term issues.

From time to time, our team extends beyond the firm to include other disciplines such as accountants, brokers, surveyors, bankers, engineers and appraisers to understand complex issues that we may be addressing. We are also experienced at integrating into a client’s existing team of experts.  Our integration extends beyond that of business and financial, but also into medical experts.  Our personal injury practice also calls upon medical personnel like doctors, physical therapists and other medical specialists. 

Tackling complex issues also involves working with attorneys who concentrate in other areas of practice, including in-house counsel. We take a long term view of our clients’ issues providing solutions not just for today, but for the future.

Benefits, Results & Value

At Prime Law Group we strive to offer benefits, results and value to our clients. Through technology we are able to offer clients savings through reduction of costs, better business continuity, mobility, and the ability to offer secure shared access. Cloud based attorneys with a solid presence in the community.

Value Based Billing:

Prime Law Group, LLC has integrated Value-Based Billing into their practice, which allows them to focus on outcomes rather than hours. Value-Based Billing enhances client services by addressing and matching client expectations with results.


Prime Law Group, LLC uses E-Invoices which allows clients to receive invoices online and then allows clients to pay one or all of their invoices conveniently online with a credit card (Visa, MC, America Express, Discover, Debit Card and paypal) or checks via their secure payment methods. Clients that prefer to receive their invoices via U.S. mail will receive printed invoices.