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Suffering an injury in an auto accident, in the workplace, or as the result of another’s negligence can lead to serious personal and economic consequences. Many victims are left with unmanageable medical expenses, long-term care needs, and have lost the ability to work. If you or someone you love has suffered a serious injury, Prime Law Group, LLC, can offer the experienced advocacy and solution-driven service necessary to handle your case. There will be no attorney fees unless you recover money for your injuries.

Negligence Laws

To begin, let us illustrate some scenarios for you. Say you were at work, and you slip and fell due to a wet spot. The wet spot was supposed to be marked to allow the workers the opportunity to acknowledge the hazard. You fall and get hurt. Or say you were driving and someone rear ends you that is on their phone. No matter what the case is if you were injured due to someone else, you may have a negligence claim. A negligence case pops up when one individual fails to provide an expected duty, they are responsible for. If the individual responsible for that duty, fails to uphold it, they may be guilt of negligence. If you are a victim to these failed duties, you may be entitled to compensation.  In order for a person to win their negligence case a few things must be proven. To learn more about Negligence Laws please click here.

  • Duty: Defendant owed to a duty of care.
  • Breach of Duty: Defendant failed to meet their duty.
  • Cause in Fact: If not for this failure, you would not have been injured.
  • Proximate Cause: This failure undoubtedly caused your injury.
  • Damages: You have actually been injured and suffered some loss.

Personal Injury

Our personal injury practice is dedicated to asserting the rights of victims and their families. We have handled numerous high-profile cases and can provide you with the necessary representation to recover maximum compensation for vehicle or motorcycle injuries, premises liability, dog bites and other serious injuries.

We work collaboratively with our clients to make informed decisions in every case. Whether negotiating for a successful resolution or taking your case to trial, we remain mindful of your best interests.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents of all sorts occur daily. So, being sure that you know how to deal with the process in the event you are in an accident is important. Drivers in Illinois should want to familiarize themselves on the topics of reporting accidents, length of time to file a lawsuit, and car accident damages. In addition Illinois drivers will want to understand that Illinois is an “at fault” state. 

Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

At Prime Law Group, LLC we love all animals, but accidents do happen and you should be aware of the laws surrounding dog bites and animal attacks. Dog bites and animal attacks fall under personal injury in Illinois. If you were bit by a dog, you will likely want to be informed on what to do. Understanding the statute of limitations involved with dog bites and animal attacks is a must. Being able to prove a dogs innocence and guilt are also important factors for anyone involved in this type of case. Lastly, many are unaware of dog insurance and how it works.

Medical Malpractice

If you were injured due to a doctor or medical professional, you may be entitled to compensation. Medical malpractice lawsuits pop up when a doctor or medical professional has failed the “standard of care” duty they are sworn to uphold. In the event that you became injured or sick, directly caused by your doctor, you may have a medical malpractice case. In short, individuals involved in medical malpractice cases will want to understand the damages and what is covered.

Slip & Falls

Slip & Fall cases are pretty self explanatory, as they happen when a person slips and falls on another’s property. In almost all situations, slip and fall cases occur due to someone being negligent with their property. Whether you trip on torn carpet, slip on unmarked wet spots, or fall due to bad lighting, you likely will have a case. Understanding the ins and outs of slip and fall laws in Illinois will have you prepared to tackle your case no matter where it took place.

Workers’ Compensation

In regard to workers compensation, we offer strategic advocacy to protect the rights of our clients who have suffered workplace injuries. Whether you have recently been injured, were denied coverage or aren’t receiving temporary total disability (called “TTD”) benefits, our attorneys have the experience and skill to successfully handle your case.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death are the most severe types of personal injury. Wrongful death cases can present themselves in many different ways like medical malpractice or auto accidents for example. It is obvious that the person who passed away will not be able to defend themselves, so it is important for people around the deceased individual to understand how to approach a wrongful death case. Depending on the age of the deceased person, award amounts will vary. 

Do not settle your claim without consulting with our attorneys

When you suffer an injury, it is important not to settle with an insurance company before consulting with an attorney. You may be able to recover compensation exceeding any settlement offer. Our attorneys will take a comprehensive review of your case and calculate the full extent of your injuries. Where necessary, we work with experts including accountants, life-planners, forensic specialists, and medical experts who can offer input on the full amount of your damages.

Professional service, advocacy, and a commitment to results

Our attorneys and staff offer professional legal service focused on solutions. Whether negotiating your case or taking your case to trial, our firm provides the result-driven advocacy and personalized service that clients seek in a legal representative. Most of our clients come as referrals from prior clients or from attorneys who trust in our reputation and solid record of results.

Contact Prime Law Group, LLC for a free consultation with an experienced workers’ comp and personal injury lawyer. We take all our cases on a contingency basis and will aggressively assert your right to benefits and compensation.

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