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A personal injury lawyer can help you get rightful compensation if you or a loved one has been injured. Contact us at Prime Law Group today.

When an accident happens, there is often a party at fault. They had a hand in increasing the risk, which led to the victim being susceptible to injury. When that happens, the injured party will have to deal with lost income, medical bills, and potentially life-changing injuries. A personal injury lawyer will help fight for their rights and get the financial compensation they need.

Their specialization allows them to navigate different scenarios. It can range anywhere from defective products to car accidents. Having legal representation will protect you from the false promises or pressures of other lawyers. Contact Prime Law Group today, and get the legal support you need.

Filing for a Personal Injury Case

Filing for a Personal Injury Case

The common denominator among all personal injury cases is negligence. If someone gets injured due to negligence, it is considered personal injury. Some of the more common causes include:

  • A misdiagnosis or mistake during surgery
  • Poor judgment in driving leading to an accident
  • Poorly designed product causing the injury
  • Slipping in a public area
  • A person getting hit by a fallen object
  • Dog bites and animal attacks


Filing a case means that you have to adhere to the statute of limitations. This is the time limit where the court can acknowledge the filing. At this point, you’ll need a personal injury attorney. They will help gather the details and evidence of the case.

Lawyers like us will also examine the case closely. The court wants it to be valid, and the case itself must be able to go through the standard legal process. Personal injury cases must also have these characteristics:

  • The victim lost money because of the injury.
  • Another person or party is liable for the injury because of negligence.

Contact us right away if you ever need help filing for a personal injury case. Our team at Prime Law Group is ready to assist you.

Proving Negligence

As mentioned earlier, negligence is the factor that determines whether there is a personal injury case. There must be someone who failed to uphold duty, leading to injury. For the court to accept negligence, it must fall under these characteristics.

  1. The offender owed a duty of care.
  2. The offender failed to meet their duty.
  3. That failure caused the injury.
  4. There is no doubt that the failure and injury are connected.
  5. You suffered loss because of the negligence.

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Why Choose Us

Several personal injury lawyers are available in your area, but none of them have our firm’s credentials. We have years of experience spanning different types of personal injury cases. Each case is unique, and we always approach them from all angles to get the best solution possible.
It can be challenging to try and recover while working on the case. With personal injury attorneys like us on your side, you can focus on recovery. We’ve even worked on high-profile scenarios where victims were able to settle six to seven figures after deliberation. Here are some other things you can expect from us:

  • A reputable team with a consistent track record of success
  • Expert partners spanning different fields from investigation to medicine
  • Free case assessment
  • No upfront costs; we only get the payment if you win the case.
  • The ability to get expert witnesses and consultants to help solidify a case
  • Proven tactics that increase the chances of a settlement going your way


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The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury attorney is your edge and anchor when it comes to your case. They know all about the legal process and the nuances behind it. Legal professionals like us can help you create a solid case and ensure that no stone goes unturned. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you hire us:

Peace of Mind

Knowing that professionals are with you and fighting for your rights can give you added peace. As you deal with injury and trauma, you don’t have to go through most of the stressful parts of the legal side. Let your personal injury lawyer handle everything, and you can focus on resting. They’ll let you know the details if anything important comes up and advise you on the best moves regarding your situation.

Negotiation Skills

The other parties will have skilled negotiators who will try to get you into an unfavorable deal. They can delay the case or pressure you until the situation favors them. A personal injury attorney understands their techniques, and they know how to navigate them. They can help you get a much better compensation than what an insurance company might be offering.

An Objective Perspective

Suffering from an injury or witnessing one from a loved one can lead us to get emotional. When we let emotions get the better of us, we might make the wrong decision. Your lawyer can help you make the best decisions with your case. They’ll file all the claims and bring much-needed knowledge to your side.

A Faster Case

Lawyers like us will understand when you can take further action in the case. That way, you won’t waste time and resources getting the compensation you need. On your own, a lack of understanding of the legal process can lead to delays and other issues. A personal injury attorney has handled many cases like yours, and we know all of the setbacks and how to avoid them.

The Legal Counsel You Need

A personal injury lawyer will help you make the best decisions possible. For example, the offending party may want to compensate for your injuries and avoid going to court. Your lawyer will help determine if the value they’re offering is adequate compensation for your case. From there, you can discuss and decide on the many options available.

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Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases have a myriad of subcategories, all anchored by the concept of negligence. With a personal injury lawyer, you’ll have the confidence knowing that we’ve worked on a case similar to yours. Here is a list of types we’ve encountered over the years.

Auto Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common personal injury cases, though they can get complex. Getting fair compensation means understanding the extent of the injuries and damages dealt with you. With our help, we can get you the reports you need and deal with the process of an auto accident to ensure you get the best chances possible.

Animal Attacks

We love animals, but some unruly ones can cause serious injury. We’ve helped many clients in Illinois get the financial help they need after a dog or animal attack. Tackling these cases requires knowledge of insurance and the statute of limitations.

Medical Malpractice

An error by a medical professional can change someone’s life for the worse. Doctors and other healthcare professionals have a duty to uphold when caring for someone. If you become sick or your condition worsens, you may have a malpractice case on your hand.

Slip and Fall

When a person slips and falls on another property, it can be because of someone’s negligence. It can stem from a lack of maintenance, an error with construction, poor lighting, or a multitude of other reasons. Having lawyers like us will help you understand what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation cases occur when a company denies coverage of their employee’s injury. Our lawyers understand the process of these cases and can negotiate on your behalf.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is one of the most severe types of personal injury as it results in loss of life. Wrongful death can stem from the many other personal injury cases discussed here. It’s important for the loved ones of the one who passed to understand what to do in these scenarios. Depending on their situation, they can get significant financial compensation.

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A Commitment to Results

At Prime Law Group, our goal is to ensure that you get the financial help you need. An injury can set people back for weeks, years, or for the rest of their lives. We’ll fight for your rights, ensuring that you get the best results possible.

If you or a loved one has been injured, do not accept any settlement yet. Insurance companies will offer you less money than what you can get in with us. Allow us to review your case and examine the damages, so we can make an appropriate estimate of what they owe you.

With a well-known reputation in Illinois and a proven record, we’re here to help you. Contact us today to get a free consultation.

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