Commercial and Civil Litigation Lawyers

It encompasses not just the representations made in Court but also the pre-trial procedures.

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The firm has experience handling complex commercial litigation, including those involving breach of contract, tortious interference with contract, partnership and LLC member liability disputes, commercial lease disputes, misrepresentation claims, business torts, and alleged violations of fiduciary duties.

Real Property Litigation

The firm has extensive experience in the area of real property litigation. Our clients include homeowners’ associations and cooperative boards seeking to enforce the terms of their by-laws or other rules that govern their associated members. Our clients in this area also have included those who seek to have judgments that they have had rendered in their favor satisfied by execution against the real property of the judgment debtor.

Employment Contract

The firm has experience in analyzing employment contracts, particularly those containing clauses purporting to restrict an employee from engaging in a business that is in the same industry or that is otherwise competitive with the employer. We have litigated cases involving such clauses and are well versed in the nuances of Illinois law in the area. The manner in which such clauses are drafted, the circumstances under which the employment agreement is executed, the nature of the employer’s business, and the employee’s activities at the end of the employment are all factors in determining whether such restrictive clauses will be enforced by Illinois courts. The firm’s experience in this area can be drawn upon to assist clients in increasing the chances that such clauses will be enforced and, if litigation should ensue, advising the client, whether the employer or employee, as to the proper steps to take to increase the chances that a litigation outcome will be favorable.

Contract Disputes

Not all disputes involve fortune 500 corporations or millions of dollars and Prime Law Group, LLC is well versed in handling these so that the legal costs are proportionate to the dispute. We have extensive experience in handling situations where our client is a party to a contract and has performed all of its obligations under the contract but, unfortunately, the other party has failed or refuses to do the same. In these situations, the client’s objective generally is to recover as much of what is owed under the contract while minimizing its legal fees. The firm is sensitive to these objectives and has had great success in achieving them for its clients.

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