Appellate Representation

If you are in need of an Appellate Attorney to file an appeal or respond to an appellate brief, then you may wish to contact Prime Law Group to assist you with your next appellate work. 

Cases Don't End At Entry Of Judgment

Know the issues before they become an Appellate Case

The best appeal is one you know what the answer from the Court will be before you have to ask. We provide consultation services before, during, and after litigation to discuss appellate rights and paths. 

Working for our clients

Even through the appeals process, it is still possible to resolve cases. We will advocate for you and with you to achieve your goals. If not, we still provide the highest quality representation throughout the appellate process. From start to finish, we are your advocates.

You still get your day

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to research, write, and handle an appeal, but you are fully prepared for oral argument. We are happy to offer ghost-writing and brief-writing services. Our top-notch legal researchers cover a wide range of areas, and keep apprised of the latest developments in the law.


Trial Courts

The first level in the Illinois courts is the Circuit or Trial Courts. This is the level that most people are familiar with and where judges and lawyers conduct trials, weigh evidence, and listen to the issues and make decisions.

Appellate Court

The Appellate Court is the second level in the Illinois court system. Here, issues are generally decided regarding whether mistakes were made at the trial level. There are 5 District Appellate Courts in Illinois, each having jurisdiction in its own geographic area. Though governed by the same rules, sometimes, the Districts make decisions that would appear to conflict with one another. On the flip side, often, the Districts will listen to each other and try to make decisions that are in conformity with each other.

Supreme Court

The highest level in the Illinois Court system is the Supreme Court. Seven Justices elected from around the State determine issues, resolve discrepancies between the Districts, and make decide cases that can affect the fundamental rights of citizens. The Supreme Court is the final determiner and protector of rights in the State, and to advocate for those interests in front of the Court is a true honor and privilege for any lawyer.

Advocacy, Research, Brief Writing, and Appellate Consultation....

In appeals, advocacy, research, brief writing, and appellate consultation are the bedrock to developing any good appellate plan. Let us know at what state you are at and what we can do to assist.  

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