McHenry County Family Law Attorney

Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody, Maintenance, Joint Custody, Paternity, Visitation

Divorce is a traumatic event that can be made much easier with the assistance of an experienced family law attorney.

Prime Law Group, in Woodstock, Illinois, McHenry County has experienced attorneys in assisting divorcing clients. If you are considering a divorce or have been served papers, Prime Law Group can guide you through the steps.

Family Law Issues?  If you are feeling uncertain or overwhelmed by a by a family conflict or a personal loss, it is understandable that you want to put your mind at ease.

Prime Law Group has experienced and dedicated family law lawyers who assists clients throughout northeast Illinois in finding peace of mind in the midst of family-related legal challenges. Prime Law Group can assist you reaching reasonable and productive solutions to the problems that accompany things such as:

Setting Realistic Goals in a Family Law situation… And Reaching Them is Important!


If your financial or personal circumstances change, Prime Law Group can help you in modifying court orders relating to child custody, child support, alimony and other obligations. Conversely, Prime Law Group can also assist you if you seek to enforce an existing court order.

Restraining Order

Physical and sexual abuse are often issues.  If your spouse (or unmarried significant other) has abused, or threatened to abuse, you or your children, Prime Law Group can assist you in obtaining a restraining order that prohibits that person from entering your home or coming near you. Along with defending false allegations leading to a restraining order.

Let Us Help You Reach Those Goals!

What is a “reasonable and productive” legal solution? It is one that is realistic and satisfying for the clients and is in the best interests of their children.

Many people enter a divorce proceeding or other legal actions thinking that if they can only force the other side into a course of action — by paying money, surrendering property or fulfilling some predetermined condition — that they will be satisfied.

What most people actually find in litigation, however, is frustration and expense. Court cases can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and because the outcomes are determined by judges, their resolutions can be unpredictable. The victory you anticipated may not happen or may ring hollow.

By seeking a negotiated solution, however, both sides can save time, emotional energy and court costs, while reaching a mutual solution that can last.

Negotiation When Possible, Litigation When Necessary

Although Prime Law Group prides themselves on finding solutions that work for their clients and their families, Prime Law Group understands that not every legal problem can be resolved at the negotiating table. As a result, being an effective and experienced litigators who understands the laws and the courts in Illinois. Let us help discuss your issues with you thoroughly, help you prioritize your needs and find the best possible path toward fulfilling those needs — whether negotiation or litigation is required.

Whether you are involved in a Family Law issue, Prime Law Group's goal is to leave you and your loved ones in a better place than when you came to them.

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