Going Through a Divorce?

How to Get a Divorce in Illinois

Getting a divorce can be an overwhelming feeling leaving the individuals involved asking themselves many questions. For example, concerns with the children, money, property and many more arise when a divorce is taking place. Therefore, it’s important to be educated on what exactly goes into a divorce, so that you may approach it appropriately and avoid any potential surprises from popping up. To clarify, divorce in Illinois, is on the more expensive side when compared to other states. Illinois ranks in the top ten most expensive states to get married.

Requirements for Divorce?

Illinois is unique in the sense that it is a no fault state, meaning the only requirements for a divorce to occur are irreconcilable differences. Most importantly, couples must be separated a minimum of 6 months for a divorce to even be possible.

How Much Will a Divorce Cost?

First, people should know cost can vary based off many factors that are involved in the divorce process. So, if your divorce case includes contested issues, the overall price will be greater. Learn how and where you can save money.

What is Spousal Maintenance?

Spousal maintenance, or alimony as it was formerly called, consists of payments, from one spouse to the other, after a divorce or legal separation. The payments can be permanent or set for a specific amount of time or can even be a lump sum one-time payment.

Learn More About the Divorce Process

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