Zoning and Land Use Lawyers

Making the decision to invest in or purchase property is a huge commitment.

Zoning and Land Use Lawyers - McHenry County

Making the decision to invest in or purchase property is a huge commitment. Especially if the property is large and unused.

There are various zoning and land use issues that must be handled in order for the transaction to go smoothly.

For these and other real estate law matters, seek the help of professional and dedicated attorneys at Prime Law Group, LLC.

Helping Land and Real Estate Developers Throughout McHenry County, and Northern Illinois

Clients who are involved with real estate developments come to us for advice on local government and zoning regulations. There is a lot of time and money being invested in vast and unused properties, and we want to make sure that all your rights and interests are properly protected and enforced. Not to mention the complex land use and zoning ordinances that must be followed. Let us handle these and other legal issues for you.

Experienced McHenry County Zoning and Planning Lawyers

We can help you get through the government “red-tape” in order to get your land development project going. Our zoning and real estate transaction lawyers understand that time is money and will work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Land use and zoning issues often include:

  • Variances
  • Special use permits
  • Licenses
  • Environmental agencies
  • Local government/municipal ordinances
  • Plat/subdivision approval
  • Annexation/condemnation

Looking for a Zoning or Land Use Lawyer?

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