Date: April 8, 2021

By: Attorney Jean Butler

The Divorce Transition

Many individuals fall in love, get married, have children, and start their lives with the hope of capturing the closest thing to a perfect life. As we all know, sometimes the love that connected a pair of individuals can fade away in some cases. Whether its arguments, money, or something else, divorce can be a part of the cycle of life. Though the topic of divorce is usually approached with nervousness and uncertainties, it does not have to be a worrisome process. The Divorce Transition is a downloadable brochure that can help answer the bigger questions someone may be asking in regard to the divorce process in Illinois.

When to get a Divorce?

The answer to this question is different for everyone who has the thought “should I get a divorce”. Certain grounds will have to be met in order for a divorce to be processed. Factors like separation time are things to think about when filing for divorce. The Divorce Transition will help individuals identify who is at fault and when they should move out.

Cost of a Divorce

A big factor in the divorce process is the cost that comes with getting a divorce. However, every divorce case is unique to itself and price will depend on the various factors specific to your case. In short, contested issues involving Child support, alimony, and property division will increase the overall cost of your case. Our brochure will break down further the costs associated with the divorce process.

Spousal Maintenance Payments

Similarly, to the cost of divorce, spousal payments depend on the specifics in a case. For example, payments can be awarded to the lower-earning partner so that they can continue living the life they are accustomed too, or as close as possible to the former standard of living. The Divorce Transition will give you a great overall view into the world of spousal maintenance. 

Family Law Attorney

Jean Butler, a family law attorney at Prime Law Group LLC, can help you make the divorce process less overwhelming. Jean’s personal experiences make her a better family law attorney. Jean has a blended family with four children. She is proudly married to a former Marine. Jean and Austyn have a four-year old son. Jean also has two teenage daughters from a previous marriage and a twelve-year old stepson. Give Jean a call if you have a question regarding divorce or any other family law matters.

Download For The Divorce Transition

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