Date: October 14, 2021

By: Prime Law Group

How Does IDOT Acquire my Property on Route 47?

Below are snippets from the recoded webinar with Attorney Bryan Lynch.  Click here to watch the webinar.

There are two main ways IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) can go about getting your land or property. First, has to do with signing a contract. The second, comes in the form of the legal process. This article’s purpose is to breakdown how and why IDOT may take your property during an eminent domain project.

Signing a Contract

Firstly, if you are signing any type of contract, you should know what it is that you are agreeing too. We recommend that you avoid signing anything. Furthermore, there is a better way to go about this. You will want to contact an experienced eminent domain practitioner to help guide you through the process. By working with someone familiar with eminent domain law, you decrease your chances of problems occurring.

The Legal Process

Secondly, IDOT may acquire your property through the legal process. In addition, we at suggest and recommend going about it this way. Here, a Judge will enter an order that sets the amount of compensation you are entitled to. Furthermore, a Judge will take all things into consideration when calculating your amount of compensation. More times than not, property owners will see an increase in their overall compensation when going through the legal process. In addition, the legal process allows better protection through the eminent domain act. Lastly, by going through the legal process you are assuring the fairest outcome.

IDOT's Offer

You do not have to accept IDOT’s offer. You may argue against their offer. Keep in mind that you are free to negotiate and do NOT have to accept their offer.

Eminent Domain Law

To learn more click this link to watch our 45 minute webinar on the IDOT expansion of Route 47.  Watch attorney Bryan Lynch go over eminent domain law, the condemnation process, what to do with appraisers, and more!

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