Date: August 31, 2021

By: Attorney Jean Butler

Illinois Clean Slate Program

Many are aware that at times it may be hard to pay their bills. Really, no matter the specifics, most everyone has felt the anxiety of missing a payment at some time in their lives. This also is true in regard to child support payments in the state of Illinois. No one willingly decides to miss their child support payments, but life does happen. Therefore, if you are someone missing your child support payments, you may want to look into the Clean Slate Program. 

Applying for the Clean Slate Program

In order to successfully apply for the Clean Slate Program a few things will be needed of you. Firstly, and most importantly, you will need to prove that you are not able to make the past-due reimbursement payments due to the State of Illinois. Proof surrounding your inability to pay may include proof of unemployment and proof of incarceration. In addition, if you became seriously ill or injured and in turn could not make your payments, you must prove it. Lastly, you must provide documentation of your current income and make six months of support payments to the other parent. You must be currently employed to be approved for the program.

Other Forms of Proof

In addition to the above, written proof is also required to qualify for the Clean Slate Program. Therefore, a written letter from your former employee is needed, explaining why you could not work. Furthermore, if you were incarcerated, written proof may come in the form of discharge or parole papers. In the event you are ill and not able to make payments, a written notice from your doctor needs to be provided. 

How Much Debt Will be Erased?

Lastly, if you successfully apply and complete the program, all past due child support payments to the State, not the other parent, will be waived by the state. If you are someone who lost their job, you may ask the state for a suspension of payments. This suspension can last up to 12 months and will be granted case-by-case.