Date: 04/19/22

Author: Attorney Nicole O’Connor

Common Causes for Summer Auto Accidents

Believe it or not, studies show that the risk for auto accidents increases during the summer months. For some Illinois residents, this may come as a shock. Individuals who call Illinois home are fully aware of the hazardous driving conditions that present themselves in the winter months. Though the weather itself can present a danger to drivers, people tend to slow down and become more cautious. So, the question at hand is “why do the summer months in Illinois increase the risk of auto accidents.” The answer could be a myriad of things, as there are many common causes for summer auto accidents

Summer Road Construction

One thing that should be on the top of every summer drivers mind is road construction. In Illinois, we usually have little to worry about in relation to construction during the winter season. Not only is road construction itself a major hazard, but the things that come from it can be as well. For example, auto accidents caused by distractions and detours are common in relation to road construction sites. Always do your best to leave room between the vehicles around you and pay close attention to signage. 

Uptick in Student Drivers

More often than not in Illinois, student drivers will begin learning in the summer months. Many schools have programs specially designed for student driving in the summer months when students are usually off. Furthermore, keep your eyes peeled for “STUDENT DRIVER” stickers and keep your distance whenever possible. Student drivers are inexperienced and at times can become hazards to others on the road. Remember, these kids are in the process of learning how to drive, and others should make their lives as stress free as possible while they learn the roads. 

Summer Festivities

Everyone loves the summer months for the most part in Illinois. With summer comes tons of fun activities which we are unable to participate in during the winter season. Things like parties and barbecues are frequently taking place and many enjoy alcoholic beverages at them. Besides parties and barbecues, many towns have festivals where many travel to. Regardless of the activities you partake in this summer, never drink and drive. In addition, people should make sure to keep hydrated while out this summer, especially when drinking. Heat exhaustion is no joke and can be very dangerous in the event you are behind the wheel. 

Increased Travel

Lastly, summer brings with it the busiest travel season of the year. Though the winter months have holidays which require to travel, summer months account for more overall travel generally. Many are taking advantage of the summer to travel to their desired destinations with family and friends. This factors in for more cars on the road which leads to more auto accidents taking place. 

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