Animal Law Attorney Tracy McGonigle joins Prime Law Group

We are pleased to announce that Tracy McGonigle has joined Prime Law Group at the start of  2020 developing our Animal Law Department, and further expanding our client service foot print in the McHenry County, Illinois area.   

Ms. McGonigle advises and represents individuals in animal rights/welfare matters.  Ms. McGonigle’s Animal Law practice includes representing individuals at administrative hearings and in appeals from Dangerous Dog Proceedings  throughout Illinois; representing individuals in civil actions under the Humane Care for Animals Act; ownership disputes, Replevin actions, declaratory judgment actions and bailment or Innkeepers Act actions, as well as lecturing at speaking engagements.

In addition to Animal Law, Ms. McGonigle also practices in appellate practice which includes criminal and civil appeal, civil litigation, local government, residential and commercial real estate representing buyers and sellers from negotiation to the contract to closing the transaction.  Ms. McGonigle also represents non-for profit businesses, as she has vast experience as the executive director since 2011 of the Hooved Animal Humane Society a local McHenry County’s non-for profit 501(c )(3).


Animal Law Attorney

When it comes to Animal Law, Ms. McGonigle represents a wide variety of animal law matters, including:

  • Wrongful Death Actions
  • Veterinary Medical Malpractice Suits
  • Defending the Constitutional Rights of Animal Activists (in criminal and civil suits)
  • Personal Injury Cases (representing the interest of the animal)
  • Defense at Dangerous/Vicious Dog Hearings and Appeals from such hearings
  • Products Liability Litigation
  • Estate Planning -Creation of Pet Trusts
  • Domestic Custody Disputes, Replevin actions
  • Discrimination Suits on Behalf of Disabled (and their need for a service animal or emotional support animal)
  • Animal Cruelty Cases where an owner’s animal was subjected to aggravated cruelty or torture
  • Contract Disputes
  • Fraud Suits
  • Anything that can further the interests and rights of animals and or their guardians

For more information about Attorney Tracy McGonigle please visit her profile.

For more information about Animal Law please check back soon as we are updating our firm site to include Animal Law in the practice areas.