Date: March 25, 2021

By: Attorney Grace Jinkins

Cost of Selling a House

What are some not so obvious costs of selling a house?

Home Repair Costs

A few of the costs when selling a home are more obvious than others. But, home repair cost are possibly the most obvious. So depending on how a couple or individual maintained their home will determine the number of repairs needed. A seller must make sure that CO2 detectors are on every floor and within 15 feet of bedrooms. It is recommended that you take your time to inspect every aspect of your home to identify appropriate repairs.

Miscellaneous Selling Costs

Many of the cost associated with selling your home may not appear to be as obvious, nonetheless they are important. Pest inspections may be required in certain circumstances and cost roughly $100 dollars. If you belong to a Home Owners Association (HOA) documents are needed as well as transfer fees. These costs may add up to hundreds of dollars. Radon mitigation is something to keep in mind as well. Your buyer more than likely will have the radon levels tested, if the test comes back indicating dangerous levels, you the seller, are responsible for mitigation and retesting. The cost of this process often exceeds 1,500 dollars.

Mortgage Payoffs

Mortgage payoffs also play a role when selling a home. This applies to individuals who still owe on the house they are selling. Your attorney can order you mortgage payoffs which is good up to your date of closing and will be paid at closing using your sale proceeds.

Well and Septic

If you are on a well or septic system, a well and septic report is needed and inspections on your system can cost about $350- $700 dollars on average. Certain repairs such as chlorination, can lead to higher than average costs. 

Title Fees and Surveys

Title fees and commission fees should also be expected as well as a Survey. A Survey can cost between 350 and 700 dollars. And the survey will be done by a licensed land surveyor.