Property Assessment Appeal Information (Tax Appeal)

Property Tax Appeal Guide

Need help with filing your 2021 property tax appeal? If so, then you may want to take a look at the How To Guide!! 

Each year the township assessor of your township in McHenry County will assess your property whether it is vacant land, farmland,  residential, commercial or industrial.  The assessor is tasked with putting a value on the property. 

Once the assessor publishes their township assessments you as the property owner have 30 days in order to appeal that assessment.  

If you are a property tax owner and you are interested in appealing your property assessment, you may want to take a look at the Guide.  

This resource provides good information about the process and forms.  This guide is intended to help file the necessary paperwork for a property tax assessment appeal. It is highly recommended to read this guide before filing an appeal. This guide is to assist in the processing of an appeal. Following the guidelines does not guarantee a favorable decision.

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