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    Tax Appeal Process

      1. We evaluate your property and information to determine the maximum possible reduction.  From time to time we may recommend based on the information presented that an appraisal be done (more typical on a commercial property).
      2. Depending on the timeline and when we receive the information we can submit the information to the township assessor and request a reduction in assessment.
      3. Otherwise, we prepare and submit the assessment complaint information to the McHenry County Board of Review. During this process we will obtain the assessor's evidence and minimize its impact at hearing.  From the filing of the complaint to hearing can be anywhere from 30 days to 2 months. The Board of Review will give their decision at the hearing. 
      4. If necessary, we can and do appeal to Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB) (this process can take every bit of 1 year)

    What Does it Cost

    There is a nominal property assessment review fee of $75.00.

    Our charge for tax appeal service is on a ½ contingency basis.

    What that means is that when the final assessment has been decided, our office is owed a one time ½ of any Real Estate Tax Savings.

    Real Estate Tax Savings is defined as the negative net difference in assessment times the most recent ascertainable tax rate.  If there is NO reduction, there is no additional charge beyond the initial property assessment review fee.  

     For Example:  John and Jane Doe have a house valued at $375,000.00

    Assessed Value determined at Hearing:  $105,000

    Current Assessed Value:    125,000

    Tax Rate = 7.25%

    (105,000.00 - 125,000.00) = - 20,000.00 * .0725  = -1,450.00 Total Real Estate Tax Savings

    John and Jane Doe = $725

    One Time Cost:  $725.00 + $75.00 = $800.00


    What is the Next Step?  To Get Started Complete our McHenry County Tax Appeal Review Information

    Click Here to Use our QUIKQUERY ~ Tax Appeal Review Information 

     Click Here for Appeal Packet Information

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